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Air-Cell is a hybrid, closed cell cross-linked polyester foam core that is an economical alternative to other cores used in the production of sandwich composite structures. In addition to its excellent strength to weight ratio, it offers good dimensional stability at elevated temperatures.

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Air-Comb PP8-80 is a polypropylene honeycomb material that combines lightweight, strength and resilience. It is suitable for a wide variety of sandwich core applications in marine, road/rail transportation, industry and infrastructure. Air-Comb also possesses excellent sound damping properties.

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Air-Foam systems are water-blown rigid polyurethane foams designed for molding, void filling, and insulation applications.

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Closed-cell, high-strength foam core, will never rot. Ideal for use in Marine and Industrial applications.

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Composite panels with fiberglass or wood veneer skins. Available with Air-Cell, Air-Comb or PVC foam cores.

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Stru-Cell Structural PVC Foam Core

Stru-Cell P Grade is a high performance PVC foam core that sets the standard for sandwich composite structures.

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Stringer and Transom Systems

Polyumac’s Stringer Systems are engineered to be an integral part of the hull structure based upon the characteristics of the customer’s specific hull configuration and laminate schedule.

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