GatorBoard Fiberglass Reinforced Foam Core

GatorBoard is a closed-cell, high performance foam core that is reinforced with fiberglass cloth and continuous strand mat. GatorBoard will never rot and will maintain its strength regardless of the length of time that it is exposed to water.

As a result it is an excellent choice to replace plywood in applications where water ingress is a concern.

It is also an economical alternative to other cores used in the production of sandwich composite structures as it offers excellent strength and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures.

GatorBoard is ideal for a very wide range of marine, road/rail transportation, aerospace and industrial applications.

Polyumac supports its GatorBoard line with a cost-effective kitting service that includes the capability to work directly from customers' CAD files. Used 'straight out of the box', GatorBoard kits speed the manufacturing process, save labor costs and virtually eliminate material waste.

Key Features & Benefits
  • High strength
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Can be processed at up to 200°F (93°C)
  • High 'in service' temperature performance
  • Does not absorb water
  • Compatible with most resins (polyester, epoxy and vinylester systems)


  • Leisure & Commercial Marine - transoms, stringers & screw-retention areas
  • Road - bus & recreational vehicle (RV) floors
  • Industrial - arena & stage flooring