Our products will NEVER ROT. Air-Cell and Air-Comb can be used in hulls, decks, soles, stringers & bulkheads. Air-Foam is used to fill cavities, such as between the sole and hull, between bulkheads, and insulation for ice and bait boxes.


Air-Cell can used in aircraft flooring, lavatory modules, tray tables, overhead stowage bins, and baggage storage containers.


Air-Cell and Air-Comb can be used in truck cabs, sleeper floors, in RV bodies and floors, train fronts, floors, and cabs, and for exterior & interior paneling


Air-Cell and Air-Comb can be used in exhibition displays, bathtub enclosures, shower floors, swimming pools, portable buildings, claddings and interior paneling. Air-Foam can be used to fill cavities in structures and as an insulation material.