Air-Cell Polyester Foam Core

Air-Cell is a hybrid, closed cell cross-linked polyester foam core that is an economical alternative to other cores used in the production of sandwich composite structures. In addition to its excellent strength to weight ratio, it offers good dimensional stability at elevated temperatures.

Aircell T grade is available in a wide range of densities in order that designers, engineers and fabricators can select the most appropriate density for the prevailing application. It is suitable for a wide range of marine, road/rail transportation, aerospace and industrial applications.

Polyumac offers a comprehensive kitting service for the Air-Cell product line with the capability to work directly from customers' CAD files. Used 'straight out of the box', Polyumac's Air-Cell kits speed the manufacturing process, save labor costs and virtually eliminate material waste.

Key Features
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Can be processed at up to 200°F
  • High 'in service' temperature performance
  • Does not absorb water
  • Compatible with most resins (polyester, epoxy and vinylester systems)
  • Excellent value, mechanical properties to product cost


  • Marine
    hulls, decks, stringers & bulkheads
  • Road
    trucks, cabs, sleeper floors & RV bodies and floors
  • Rail
    train fronts, floors, cabs, exterior & interior panelling
  • Aerospace
    flooring, toilet modules & overhead lockers